Thursday, October 15, 2009

an unbirthday

Charlotte had an unbirthday this week. Her unbirthday was a requested reward.

Reid and I have had a visitor on several nights attempt to crawl into bed with us. She has been having difficulty staying in her own bed to sleep. We asked her what she wanted as a prize if she slept in her bed for 3 nights. She said she wanted a birthday cake with candles she could blow out. I am thinking that after Cinch's birthday she was wishing the same experience for herself. Isa and family were happy to join in the celebration. I am pretty sure I spy a picture of Sylvi drooling at Isa's cupcake.


  1. Can I have an UNbirthday??? I want pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!!!!!

  2. Yum-anytime you want to drive over, I will indulge you in an unbirthday :)