Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nite, Nite Xmas




Time to say nite nite to a fun filled xmas. Timothy is really enjoying his new kitty stuffed animal. Yummy, just the right shape and material for teething.
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Saturday, December 20, 2008





Here is the completed kitchen-complete with light in oven!!
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Charlotte's Doll

Finally, Charlotte's doll is finished. I had a very hard time finding a yellow yarn for the hair that was the right weight. So I finally settled on a nice black alpaca/angora blend from Wyoming. This then inspired me to make an Asian doll for her. I really like these dolls , but the hair seems to be really hard to get just right. Stay tuned for completed kitchen pictures.-Rene

Wild Child

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Charlotte is modeling her wild hair after she took out her pigtails.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun with boxes

Timothy's new spot is in the box. It is a great little place for him to hang out. He is sitting up very well,and rarely tips over. He seems to be able to scoot forward in his crib, but everywhere else he goes backwards and sideways. Any direction is progress. Still a ways off from really crawling, and although he has flipped in both directions at some point he seems uninterested in doing it regularly.

Charlotte is getting in on box fun too, she wouldn't want to be left out.

Getting the Tree

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bird Hunt

Charlotte is preparing for her bird hunt last Sunday with Ava and Papa-camo and earmuffs are on.



Well, at long last Timothy has been trying solids. He was begining to get frustrated that he was the only one not eating at meals-grabbing at my plate, trying to mouth food, staring at me eat. I broke down, and gave him some pears. He loves them, has no hesitation, leans forward and grabs for more, and enjoys sticking the spoon in his mouth. No turning back.
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Presents Continued


Here is an early version of the play kitchen that I am making for the kiddos-stay tuned for final photos.
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Christmas Gifts


I am making what may be a crazy effort to try to make all of my children's and most of my husband's gifts for Christmas. Here I have made 2 dolls, the one on the left is Timothy's and the one on the right is for a new baby, Sylvi(Isa's sister). Charlotte's doll is almost finished but I am awaiting the perfect yarn for the hair.
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Sheep in the Canyon



ON the way home from a nice soak in the hot springs, we saw several bighorn sheep grazing by the road.
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