Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dual Mowing Team

Charlotte is really into imitating everything we do. So she is having fun mowing with papa. She is also into imaginary play and will "cook" us food to taste, and likes to take care of her babies-rocking, diapering, cleaning, etc.

Friday, August 15, 2008


At 8weeks he is 14.25 pounds!!!
Timothy is a pretty happy kid so far. He smiles a lot and is pretty content when he has to spend some time by himself. He seems to like his sister, although it seems like he already realizes that she often accidentally (or not) hurts him. So he is a little more on edge around her.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My New Friends

Rene has been helping some folks out by milking thier Alpine goats while they were away. This morning the whole family came out to enjoy the goats. After being a bit afraid of Charlotte the goats took to her well (treats help!) and she had a blast.

Nuummmmm or Yum for those that don't speak Toddler

Saturday stroll down memory lane

On the right is Timothy (obviously) on the left is a picture of Rene at about the same age. I am thinking long lost twins??

My Pea Art creation

Lets just say peas aren't our favorite food to eat, but they sure do arrange nicely :)

Snoozing with the Bison

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trouble with a capital T

Timothy's acne finally seems to be clearing a bit, but it seems he has gotten a respiratory infection from his sister that is trying to turn into croup!

Trouble with a capital C

Charlotte is getting into coloring and the parents are really excited about the special markers that only draw on special paper-kudos to crayola! She also loves to put the caps on her fingers and wave them around.

Conversations with Goats

We had a fun day at the fair in Jackson with our friends Lauryn and Jordy. Charlotte loved all the animals, and the goats seemed to be her favorite. She had quite a mouthful to say to these two goats.

Charlotte's Nail Salon

We Want You ..or.. Proud to Present Another Satisfied Customer

Big Boy

Other fur and feathers