Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The chicken


Overheard while drawing this picture: a chicken, the feet, the head, the mouth

I was impressed. You can't tell me it doesn't look a little bit like a chicken. Now before anyone gets too excited about my child being an artistic prodigy, she is fully back to circles ans scribbled. This must have merely been a momentary stroke of genius. Something that we have all encounterd in our most magnificent of moments when the stars are aligned and we are feeling on top of the world. I will however be watching for more of these strokes (pardon the pun- I couldn't resist).
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Charlotte's perspective

I am very pleased to introduce a guest photographer on the blog: Charlotte Archer Schell. Charlotte has been very excited to take pictures lately and I thought our blog would be more complete if I include some of her photos.

My little spy


Charlotte and the magnifying glass. Lots of time spent walking around the house looking through her "glasses".
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Garden fun




I have decided that gardening with children is a constant lesson in patience and letting go. My lessson came while I was trying to discover how to entertain 2 and still get some weeding done. The weather has been beautiful and we have had tons of moisture so we needed to be outside and the weeds needed to be pulled. Charlotte kept herself busy by collecting the worms I dug up and feeding them to the chickens-needless to say she has some new feathered friends. She has graduated this year to only pickingthe flowers that are "okay to pick" aka dandilions. Timothy is another story. He was content for a while playing with sticks, shovel, and dirt until he discoverd how fun it is to tear the leaves off of my columbines and geraniums. In the last picture checkout the geranium in front of him-almost bare of leaves!! Ahh and the weeds will remain one more day.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Timothy loves his little 5 month old friend, Sylvi (Isa's baby sister). Luckily sheis just out of reach because he really wants to grab her face and love on her. She is just so darn squeezable and cute.
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The one year dress



I finally finished this cute little reversible dress-it only took a year- 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there. Honestly I was just dragging my feet on the applique design. Charlotte loves it and loves modeling it.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am so excited as both of my babies are not only napping at the same time today,but in the same room! Charlotte has been pretty excited about Timothy moving into her "house" (that's what she calls her room lately). She even helped her papa move his crib this morning. As much as I want to go snap a photo of two sleeping babes-I do not dare :)

Wish us luck for the nighttime.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Papa's home


These kids sure do love their Papa. They both demand his attention when he returns-pretty cute to watch. We are glad he made it home before the snow starts to fly. We are hunkered down waiting for our predicted 1-3 ft. in the next 36 hours. We will see what happens.

What is the weather like where you are?
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Sunday, April 12, 2009


What fun we had today. This morning we loaded up in the bike and rode over to Jakey's for waffles, frittata, asparagus, homemade sausage, spiral cut ham, fruit salad, and a grand egg hunt. We enjoyed visiting with friends in the 60 degree weather, and searching all over the yard for colorful treats. What a fun time-check out the picture of Timothy standing on his own-he is doing lots of that lately.

It really feels and sounds like spring here. The grass is green, the robins are singing, and my chickens are finding lots of worms to eat. My garden needs some serious attention, and I am wondering if I will get the chance to get to it before June.

Well, Happy Easter everyone-hope it is warm and sunny in your world.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

hair-raising event



Hilariously fun play with blankets and forts today.
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

fun online

Okay, so it is snowing and I have been spending way too much time "window shopping" or is it called "screen shopping" online. One new find in particular is worth sharing with anyone who is surrounded by kids they love, has precious ones to buy for, or is just a big kid themselves: I am in love with so many of their toys, but it is worth pointing out that they have some of the best,most lifelike stuffed animals I have ever seen. My very favorite is the black bear,which of course happens to be the most expensive one-as my taste usually runs higher than my pocketbook and requires lots of creativity and a healthy dose of self-restraint. Close seconds go to the chimpanzee, theblacktailed jack rabbit, and the red fox-but all are great. Worth bookmarking this page for the next baby shower!

spring is on the way

We have been up to all kinds of things this week. We got our first spring egg from our chickens (okay so maybe that one was a couple of weeks ago-actually it was on the first day of spring!)

Charlotte helped me start our broccoli, tomatoes and eggplant. The broccoli has sprouted, but am not sure what is taking the other two so long.

I have been doing more sewing, at the expense of my afternoon nap. Here is a skirt I am working on for Charlotte. I have also sewn a skirt for myself, and am working on two pairs of pants for Timothy.

Last but not least, my beautiful little iris popped up this week. And here it is getting snowed on today. Every year I need to remind myself that this is spring, just "Wyoming style"-filled with lots of wet snow. So I am here watching the snow fall sideways, shoping online, dreaming of my garden and my raised beds that may or may not happen this year, dreaming of opening a shop on etsy selling durable pants for boys, dreaming of more dreams, and loving my beautiful family. Happy Saturday.

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