Saturday, April 4, 2009

fun online

Okay, so it is snowing and I have been spending way too much time "window shopping" or is it called "screen shopping" online. One new find in particular is worth sharing with anyone who is surrounded by kids they love, has precious ones to buy for, or is just a big kid themselves: I am in love with so many of their toys, but it is worth pointing out that they have some of the best,most lifelike stuffed animals I have ever seen. My very favorite is the black bear,which of course happens to be the most expensive one-as my taste usually runs higher than my pocketbook and requires lots of creativity and a healthy dose of self-restraint. Close seconds go to the chimpanzee, theblacktailed jack rabbit, and the red fox-but all are great. Worth bookmarking this page for the next baby shower!

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