Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter morning tradition

We may have started a new tradition-Easter morning t-ball game. The kids had a blast. Charlotte really got it and loved hitting the ball, running around the bases to score on home base, and then taggin people out. Timothy did pretty well too, he is a great hitter as well. Sometimes he forgot where to run so his path between bases was more like a zigzag or an arch. Finally after about 30 minutes, Timothy just wanted to play in the sand. We sure do love having the Park right in our back yard!
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dyeing eggs

This activity went so smoothly that we should do it more than once a year. The kids did not fight over any of the accecories, I was truly impressed. We made some beautiful eggs.
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the loot

The hunt was mass bedlem! We didn't get any pictues because it was all we could do to keep up with the kids and it was over in less than 1 minute!! The kids wanted to check out their loot right away. Mama was happy that there was no candy :)
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waiting for the hunt

City Park hosts an egg hunt every year on the Saturday before Easter. We were out with the 2-5 year old group waiting for it to start. There isn't much hunting for these guys, just all layed out on the grass. We were coming up with strategies to get the most eggs. Charlotte said she would just start picking up the first ones she saw, and Timmy said he would run out to the middle first.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ouch you know that one hurt. he took a big digger over his bulldozer and landed straight on his mouth. he will happily tell anyone about who asks. timothy has been so friendly lately to everyone-greeting with big waves and "hellos".

both charlotte and timothy have been interested in reading. charlotte can read almost the entire 1st book in our early reader set (one and two word sentences of very similar words). she is pretty proud, and so are we. timothy may not be too far behind as he has even more interest in the words than charlotte!