Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well I am super excited, as I have decided to try to make some infant and toddler shoes. To begin I will use felt, leather and maybe some fabric. I am currently in the research stage and have just begun finding sources for all of my needed supplies. I just found a great website make them yourself with all sorts of helpful information on making these shoes, including patterns and scrap leather. I am super duper excited. If you are reading this blog and have or know of an infant or toddler who would like to be included in my test batch of shoes, leave a comment here with their shoe size, sex, and your contact information. I will see what I can do. LOOK for photos soon.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is this what I look like????


Charlotte is into all kind of imitation play. Whether she is working at my desk while chatting on the phone (which is really a calculator), or taking care of her babies like I take care of Timothy. She is a handful lately, and has pretty much taking over my workstation as she chats and laughs with her "friends" on the calculator. We have also been working on potty training (note the big girl panties). Training has been interesting. It seems whenever I am nursing Timothy she has to potty-Timothy is learning tobe quite adaptable and patient. Charlotte seems to really have the hang of the potty while naked, but the big girl panties still pose forgetfulness. I have to bribe her to wear her panties so she will learn as she prefers to just run around naked. I have sewn horses on most of them, which seems to make wearing them much more exciting.
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Getting Stronger

Timothy is getting stronger everyday. It is hard to believe how fast they change. He is really pushing with his legs and kicking a lot. He pretty much has the head control down, but there are a few wabbles (sp?) now and then. He is also laughing alot. He often laughs when I first place hime in the bath, and the other day as he was nursing I smiled at him and he just giggled. What fun he is becoming.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here we are

For those of you wondering why your emails, phone calls, notes, letters, and etc. are not being returned. It is most likely because I am stuck in this enormous chair with 2 screaming kids. Please forgive us as we survive Papa being gone until October. Fear not we will pull through and we will be in contact soon. Think of us and know we are here.

Silly silly


Not real sure what the comment should be. I turned my back for one moment :) All I know is that Courtney is at the healm and Jacob and Charlotte are having way too much fun.



Charlotte navigates Yellowstone

Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Mom, Charlotte, Timothy and I all Took a cruise around the state and into the National Parks. It is a trip that Reid and I usually do and will hopefully doagain next year. We had a great time inthe fall and winter weather we encountered. The sights were amazing as always, and we saw some fun wildlife: bison, moose, coyote. Charlotte reallly enjoyed the geysers and liked to remind us that they were hot.

More Yellowstone

Monday, September 15, 2008