Thursday, August 26, 2010

construction zone


Our house has been busy this week-track-hoes, drywall, and concrete-oh my!! The highlight so far for the kids was the track-hoe that came on Monday to dig a huge hole in the yard, and make a huge pile of dirt and rocks right next to it! Oh boy some clean-up ahead. We have been working to drywall the section of wall that was removed, pour a concrete pad for the wood stove to sit on, and put in an egress window in the guest bedroom downstairs. It has been exciting and I do love seeing things coming along.
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The girl is obsessed with the word "coconut" lately. I am not sure how it happened but she calls everyone "coconut". I must hear that word 50 times a day (better alternative to some others that have been flying out of her mouth lately). Uncle Grant and Aunt Leah had the great idea to buy the girl a coconut so she could see just what it was all about. She had fun trying out the milk and the fruit, and maybe seems slightly less obsessed with them now?
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uncle grant and aunt leah

What a fun visit we had with Uncle Grant and Aunt Leah (minus of course the 24 hr stomach flu that everyone but Charlotte took their turn at getting). Charlotte and Timothy just love having family visit and always hate to see them go.

Sleeping in the living room (or pretending anyway). The moments that they play together well are just heaven around here. They get to enjoy each other and work together. Here they gathered all the pillows, babies and blankets they could find to make themselves a bed.
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Camping at Green River Lakes.
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Monday, August 2, 2010


Charlotte and Timothy have found some great friends in Isa and Sylvi. They all seem to get along remarkably well, and it gives us moms a little break. Today they played hopstotch outside in fairy costumes, or with trucks in hand (the usually accessories for Timothy these days).
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