Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garden fun




I have decided that gardening with children is a constant lesson in patience and letting go. My lessson came while I was trying to discover how to entertain 2 and still get some weeding done. The weather has been beautiful and we have had tons of moisture so we needed to be outside and the weeds needed to be pulled. Charlotte kept herself busy by collecting the worms I dug up and feeding them to the chickens-needless to say she has some new feathered friends. She has graduated this year to only pickingthe flowers that are "okay to pick" aka dandilions. Timothy is another story. He was content for a while playing with sticks, shovel, and dirt until he discoverd how fun it is to tear the leaves off of my columbines and geraniums. In the last picture checkout the geranium in front of him-almost bare of leaves!! Ahh and the weeds will remain one more day.
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