Sunday, October 4, 2009


Charlotte has been a handful lately. Along with all the recent defiance,pushing and hitting-yikes-has come some big personality developments. She has been saying the funniest things lately and is so serious about them. Here are some recent quotes:

She often asks to be sent in the mail. In the picture here she is all packaged up,shipping label and all. When i asked her where she was going she said Uncle Grant's house.

If she is having a hard time or something goes wrong she says Oh,no this is terribolt.

If I ask her to do something nicely and she doesn't want to (often I just hear "NO!")she says sweetly Weell, not today.

She fell in the toilet while trying to pee like a big girl and she said This is not so good.

Yesterday while she was feeling cranky she saidI'm just being fussy. We have been working on expressing and identifying emotions.

While struggling to get into her carseat on her own our conversation went something like this:
Mama-would you like some help?
Charlotte-I need a man
Mama-what did you say?
Charlotte-I need a man to help me.
I promise she has never heard that from my mouth!

To anybody:Want to come to my house for tea and cookies?

Some version of this heard often (she actually just said this to me: Guys, i have a baby in my belly. Are you excited about that? Want to see? You know, I have 2. They are coming out soon and then you can hold them.

At night,after Timothy goes to bed,we read books and snuggle in Mama and Papa's bed. We often talk about what we want to dream about that night. Last night our conversation went like this:
Charlotte-I don't want to read books, I just want to cuddle.
Mama-Okay,lets talk about our dreams.
Charlotte-What do you want to dream about?
Mama-I think I would like to dream about Papa becauseI miss him.
Charlotte,stroking my hair says-What else do you want to dream about sweetie-pie?
We went on and on and couldn't help but start laughing.

Then lately the spontaneous I need to tell you something. I yove you Mama.

Well,melt my heart :)


  1. you can "ship" charlotte to uncle grant's house anytime :) we would love to have her come visit! i completely understand if you would like her to be a little older before she comes though ;) love, love, love the quotes!


  2. Really-you feel ready to take on a toddler-okay expect a package full of Charlotte soon :0)