Monday, October 5, 2009


is it really still snowing at my house!! All signs point to yes-I am still shoveling snow, watching it fall, and feeling stuck inside. It seems we have had a least a foot of the heavy, wet, white. I am not quite sure what happened to fall. I am certain that it was 80 degrees last week. None of the plants seem ready for this much snow-leaves are still on trees. While grunting, shoveling, and cursing through the snow in my garden, I was pleasantly greeted with the scent of mint and marigold-delicious combination. And if it weren't 30 degrees out I may try making ice cream out of the two-on the list for next summer. Anyway, flowers were peeking through the snow and the kids are already in their snow bibs playing. Welcome winter!


  1. I cannot believe you already have snow! It's barely October. You are all welcome to come and visit us, it is mid-70's and perfect.

  2. Grant just told me how to do this. How simple, dugh ! I had tried sometime ago and for some reason I had trouble. Go figure. I love everything you have on your blog right now. Love, MOM

  3. I cannot believe the snow either!!! It is snowing again right now! We may be socked in for the winter.