Saturday, October 31, 2009

I confess

Yesterday, I set out to work, and realized my time would be better spent "fixing" the little things around our house to make it more presentable to potential renters. We are trying to buy a house, and need ours rented! Soooooo I went to paint the front door where a certain someone (eeehhmm, my well-intentioned hubby) stripped 1/3 of it 2 summers ago. Anyway, it just needed to be painted over. So I sanded, wiped and then got out the white, semi-gloss paint and began. Well, after I finished the door I glanced over at the trim and moulding and noticed it could use some touch-up too. Before you know it I was in a painting frenzy. I touched up everything white in the house-all trim, doors, and the kitchen cabinet doors.
My confession is that in the kitchen especially, I realized that instead of wiping off the coffee stains, etc from the cabinets I could just paint over them! And viola, like that beautiful, fresh cabinets with much less elbow grease than all the scrubbing would have taken. And I decided, I don't even care that I wasn't supposed to do that-how liberating :)

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