Sunday, October 4, 2009


Timothy has been a bit easier (than Charlotte)lately. He is not full of so may cute quotes,but he does have lots of funny things he likes to do and say. He loves dancing as you can see in the video. His favorite new word is no, no, no. That's 3 words you say, try telling him that. This kid has opinions about how his life should be going and will let you know if things are not running accordingly.

He loves his Papa as much as ever and asks about him or to see him all the time!

He loves his blankie and prefers to wear it around his neck, or to lay on the floor and cover up with it playing hide-and-seek,

He knows the order things happen,just try to skip one part of his bedtime routine (like reading books) and he will let you hear about it.

He is a little flirt and is becoming more daring socially. Although he still has to check new people out for quite a while before smiling, he does not seem quite as scared of them as he used to be.

He loves, loves, loves being naked. He runs around the house playing, chasing, and laughing.

And he loves the water-pool, bath, whatever-splashing,falling,scooping, pouring,sticking his head in-lots of fun.

He loves his sister,playing with her and provoking her. He wants to do whatever she is doing. Charlotte's new job is feeding all the animals and Timothy really wants to help her. He got to feed Ava all by himself this morning!

He is fascinated by animals. He gets so excited, bouncing up and down on his legs,giggling. His favorite animal sound is neigh-and I think he says it 30 times a day. He will hop on my back and sayneigh,wanting a ride or to be bounced.

He is also working on a bunch of teeth and not sleeping quite as well as normal. But i will take the midnight snuggles,as they will be gone soon enough. And with winter weather on the way-naps will just have to be in order for everyone.

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