Thursday, October 1, 2009

*sniff sniff*

I cannot believe it. My kiddos are at a real daycare for the majority of the day today, and 3 days a week from here on out. *sniff, sniff*. I have lots of mixed emotions. I will miss them today, but I am very, very thankful for time to myself (even if I do plan to work all day). It will be quiet here and I can even have a kitty snuggle on my lap while I type! Amazing. I don't think I will turn on the radio or go anywhere all day.

The kids did great when I dropped them off. They joined the others at the table for fruit and breakfast burritos (oh yeah daycare also means 3 days a week with me not fixing or packing breakfast, snacks, and lunch-sounds small, its huge). Charlotte has been well prepared for today because I could explain everything to her and how her day would go there. Timothy is a bit less prepared, and although we did visit and play last week, I think it may be rough for him today. There was no crying when I left, but I am sure once he realized I was gone there were some tears. But,I know they are going to be fine, right, right???

Why the sudden change to daycare, you ask?? Well, Reid and I are trying to buy a house. Which means I need to make more money, and I am ready! Ready for some adult time, some job time, some time for me to fulfill a purpose outside of motherhood for about 30 hours a week. More on all of this as we progress.


  1. Wow, Lots of changes for you folks... sounds exciting. Bet Charlotte and Timothy will adjust quickly. Consider all of the playmates!

    The big question is what is your new job? Three days a week sounds like a dream!

  2. My guess is both the schell kids will love daycare...*as I prepare for that same transition....eeek. So, what are you doing for work? Fill me in more about the house..

  3. My job is really a piece meal of 2 part-time jobs, and I am happy to still have the kids 4 days a week right now. They seem to be doing much better at their daycare this week.

    I am still not used to leaving them (well really Timothy) while they are screaming red in the face. Aaagh-it is hard to be left with that image all day.

    I have been reassured that it subsides soon after I am out of sight.