Friday, May 29, 2009



Timothy has been slowly taking more and more steps over the last 2 weeks. And the last 2 days he really wants to walk as much as possible. He can take about 10 steps at a time and looks for objects to walk between. He reaches out to hold may hand for extra confidence, but can do it all himself. He is also into climbing-oh boy (note the big boo-boo on his nose).

He is quite a character. I am loving:
how cuddly he is
when he laughs and burys his head in my lap/chest/neck
the way he leans his head forwrd to meet mine
the way he cocks his head, smiles with his eyes and then his mouth
when his body gets so excited with giggles-he brings his hands to his face and covers his mouth
the way he hides behind my back and peeks around to play peek-a-boo
the way he and his sister run/crawl around the house as I chase them-screaming and laughing

so much fun.
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