Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a big weekend

We have had a big weekend. Reid built me some raised beds forthe garden-yea!!! While he was using the circular saw to cut the wood, one of our chickens laid down and died! Big bummer-did she have a heart attack? Don't know. I talked to some other chicken mama's and they have had chickens do the same thing recently. Do we have a case of the chicken flu-doubt it :) I am blaming it on breeding at the hatchery. Hopefully noone will find the picture too morbid, she is just so beautiful.
On Sunday the family headed over to Thermopolis. Reid and Ava and I went fishing/floating on the Big Horn River-and spent 5 hours together without kids. The most time together since Charlotte has been born. I have decided this time is sooo important for us that we just need to budget it in.

Charlotte and Timothy played and played and Timothy took 2 steps!! He is on his way and I am ready.
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