Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Burnt Ranch

We had a wonderful Sunday. It seems to be a tradition that we go up to the Burnt Ranch on Memorial Day. And it never fails to fill my need for rainy, damp, cool weather and cloud filled blue-grey skies. We always have fun with the families and there are so many kids running around that they just seem to take care of themselves.

On the drive up, which takes at least one hour and half of that spent on slow-going dirt roads, I was really able to take in this beautiful country that we live in.
The colors are just as amazing this time of year as they are in the fall. It is so green right now. This is what I saw on our drive, if you can imagine it:

Yellow tufts of grass mingling with silvery sage bushes.
Burnt oranges and reds of the willows winding through the wetlands and rivers.
Lime green new leaves against the black and white bark on the aspen trees.
Deep, rich greens of the pines.
Blue-grey skies.
Purple mountains in the distance.
Red cliffs in the foreground.
White phlox, purple peas, and yellow arrowleaf balsamroot littering the ground.
Black, white, and rust blur of a pronghorn herd running across our path.

Our kids couldn't get any more fortunate with the views they see out their windows. Another neat sight while we were there was unfortunately not seen by me, but 4 folks saw a baby moose bathing in the river bleating for its mama. It was so young and tiny that the umbilical cord was still soft! Oh the beauty of Wyoming and it vast views and slim population.

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