Tuesday, July 27, 2010

string to leigh

We went camping last weekend at the base of the Teton Mountains. We put our canoes in on String Lake and paddled over (with a small poratge in between) to Leigh lake and our campsite, 14A. We were joined by our friends Lauryn, Jordy, and Baby Whit (you should definitly check their site for lots more Schell photos). We had an amazing time. I cannot believe what a difference a year makes as far as the ease of camping. Charlotte fell asleep in the canoe both on the way to the site and on the way home. And she and Timothy were so content and played so well that I should have brought a book to read.
Our campsite was perfect for kiddos; a small stream running through it for play, a sandy beach along the shore for more play, warm mornings and very few bugs. There was a big waterfall not 5 minutes from our site, and pretty big trout in the lake too. This will definitely be a trip we do again.

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