Thursday, July 22, 2010

our pack trip

We had a blissful, quiet time with each other and four beautiful horses. The fishing was easy and we had 2 dinners of trout. At one point, I got tired of pulling the fish off of my hooks and I just stopped fishing! Pretty unbelievable. There were moments where we lacked anything to do but sit and be quiet.
It was fun to see Reid use skills that I have never see him use (horse-packing), and it was fun to learn from him, and fall in love with him all over again. I loved plodding along on the trail, it was a bit meditative to ride and get lost in the view and the clip-clop of the horses feet. But that moment only lasted a short bit as there were things to do-check to see if the horses still have their shoes, rein Bob in as he is trying to pack and eat again, check the paniers to see if they are riding okay on the pack horses, keep my horse, Rojo (roha) in line as she likes to let her mind wander.
It was just the vacation I needed. Reid's father, Frank. asked when we returned if I was homesick---uuuumm, no. I love those little buggers, but I knew they were just fine.

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  1. pictures are great....loved them...imagined myself with you fun. can't wait to hear about it.