Sunday, July 11, 2010

..and now birding

Although fishing was unsuccessful yesterday, we did manage to catch a bird at home--or maybe it caught us??
The neighbors have been feeding this blackbird and it has become very friendly. About 10 or so days ago Reid and I noticed a small black bird (with feathers barely erupting) under our big evergreens. I saw the little guy for several days, and am not one to interrupt natural processes so I left him. I finally lost track of him under the trees and figured he did not make it.
Well earlier this week, Reid noticed our neighbors feeding this little guy (presumably the same one, but who is to say).
Then on Friday, right after putting both kids down for nap/quiet time. I heard this squawking out the back door. I thought it must be an adult bird yelling at my cats for being to close to their nest, and I went out to investigate. Before I even opened the screen door, I saw this bird sitting on the patio, right under (and I mean short pouncing distance!) my sleeping cat-who could have cared less.
I walked out the door and instead of the bird flying away as I assumed it would, it flew right towards me-so I put my arm out and it landed. Well I was shocked, and then realized it must be the bird Reid saw the neighbors feeding.
Boy was it hungry. It downed 3 huge earthworms (that I unfortunately had to cut into pieces) and wanted more. I was pretty sure this guy was going to get gobbled up by one of the cats or the dog, who were all 3 now very interested. But the little one refused to fly off, so I walked him over to the neighbors house and gave them a few quick bird pointers and left. I admit it was a fun experience having it be so tame, but I felt sorry for it and was sure it was a goner as it was spending so much time on the ground and so reliant on humans for food.
Sure enough, it came around yesterday again, asking for food. But this time it was spending more time on low branches in the trees and on our roof. And it again flew right at us, hovered as best it could until Granny (Melody) put her hand out and it landed. Now with the kids awake, and family visiting-it was a fun experience. The little one was hungry again, and we fed it a combo of moistened chicken food and moistened cat food. After about 30 minutes of squawking, eating and hopping from person to person, it decided it was full and flew off. I am am bit more hopeful today that it will survive.
And what an amazing experience for the kids, they both held it, pet it and fed it-I cannot believe how tolerant the little one is. I am sure it will be back today :)
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