Sunday, July 11, 2010


We got a new boat, and there have been a couple fishing trips made on it already this week.
Reid and I snuck out for a half-day of fishing just the two of us, Thursday morning. The kids were in childcare and I only felt mildly guilty for fishing instead of working. Mostly I felt super fortunate to live in such a beautiful place and have the opportunity to do have fun with my husband mid-week.

On the way up to fishing that morning we passed a truck carrying lamas, I assumed for a pack trip, and I felt for a moment that I was in far away Patagonia. The lake, Worthen, was so quiet mid-week, we were the only boat out there. After many patient hours, I caught 3 trout. The kids had fun checking them out, poking, and giggling. Timothy even asked if he could kiss them--I replied if you want. He ended up deciding otherwise. We cooked them whole in the pan and gobbled them up for dinner.

Charlotte, Reid, Frank (Reid's father), and Brook went fishing again yesterday morning. They had fun and worked very hard, but were unsuccessful. Those trout are wiley, as Charlotte would say. And while they were busy fishing (almost all day), I was at home with Timothy and Melody (Frank's wife) getting ready for my pack trip with Reid. I could not believe how much I am capable of getting done and crossed off my list in one day with one kiddo and an extra set of hands. I am used to working at a snails pace (with 2 kiddos). I felt so prepared by day's end. And I cannot wait to tell you all more about our upcoming trip.

To see more great pictures from their fishing trip, go to my facebook page and look under the photos tab--Melody has tagged some and they should be here to see.
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