Friday, January 8, 2010


Here are some of my favorite things that I haven’t had time to write a post on lately-so I am grouping them into one big post and I hope you will enjoy them as well.
Making new socks anti-skid by applying puff-paint. We have plenty of hardwood and linoleum floors that are super slippery, and poor Tim-O is still getting the hang of running around in socks.
Charlotte’s new people that she loves to draw. A big face with eyes, mouth, nose legs, arms and hair-precious.
Making my children’s clothes-here are some pants I made yesterday, sock monkey’s for Tim-O and cashmere pants from an old sweater for Charlotte.
Handmade Christmas presents-teepee, toolbelt, and felt flowers (sewed onto the vest I knit Charlotte). Flowers pictured here, the rest pictured on the Christmas post.
Kids playing together happily.
And last, but certainly not least-really cute baby bums!!


  1. Hey you. Those are some cool pants...are you putting anything on time I see you, if I bring my sewing machine...will j give me a lesson??? I want to make some.
    PS-cute baby bum!!!!

  2. Thanks, they were fun to make. I have found that putting things on etsy is always on my mind, but that I barely have time to make things for my kids. So I figure by just making things for my kiddos it keeps things fresh and new, and I don't lose my mind by trying to do too much:)
    I would be happy to give a little lesson on the machine. The pants are pretty easy!!
    How have you guys been? I cannot believe how big Whityn is getting -I find everytime I look at his picture I get the urge to squeeze him-soooo darn cute!