Friday, January 29, 2010

Mr. Timothy


Still a goof. He loves to do whatever his sister is doing, and loves to antagonize her at the same time. His is saying more and more all the time. He is still on one syllable words, and he can just about make any word you say one syllable. He tries to say everything you do, studies your lips, repeats, and will ask you to say the word over and over while he keeps trying to master it.
Some of his favorite words lately are: trash-he will find a piece on the floor-easy to do around here-and take it to the trashcan. I love the eagerness!
deer-while looking out the back window for them.
bus-we see lots of school buses on the mornings that they go to daycare
truck-any large vehicle is pretty darn exciting
plane-he has a serious ear for them flying over
wa-that would be Ava
hhhaathat would be Charlotte
ju-juice, hi, bye, nigh-nigh
the list goes on and on....
He was also having some difficulty with hitting-well we were all having difficulty with it-kids fighting, parents dealing-it was hard. He was really taking pleasure in hitting his sister in the head, banging his cart into cabinets and people, and well just hitting and banging everything he could. After a few weeks of time-outs for uneccessary roughness, the aggression has lessened much to everyone's pleasure.
Lately he is extra cuddly, and I am soaking up all I can.
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