Friday, January 29, 2010

Miss Charlotte



Charlotte sure is full of spunk lately. She is just talk, talk, talk. She will talk your ear off at the dinner table or anytime she has your undivided attention. She still loves playing the little mama to all her babies, animals, friends and parents-really anyone who will sit still for a minute and induldge.
Oh boy and this girl loves pink. I tried hard to push any color but pink for the first years of her life, like purple-what is so bad about purple??? Nope, all she wants is pink (don't get me wrong-I like pink-just not everyday head to toe). I am swallowing my own opinions and preferences and letting her choose her own clothing each day, as long as it is weather appropriate. Now I think I am left to find the cutest pink things I can and hope that it doesn't last too long.
Today she had her first ballet class. From the moment she woke up she asked every 20 minutes "is it time to go to my dance performance now?" She loved every minute of it!
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