Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Overheard last night while Charlotte was coloring Uncle Grant Schell and Aunt Leah Schell (you try telling her that is not their last name).
Charlotte: Where is the brown crayon? Sh*t ,I cannot find the brown.
Mama: *short pause* What did you say?
Charlotte: Sh*t, I said sh*t because I cannot find the brown crayon.
Oh boy, well it isn’t the first, and it won’t the last but it sure was surprising to hear it used in the correct context out of my 2 ½ yr olds mouth. It is still so infrequent that ignoring this language seems to be best. Off to watch my language....


  1. I am dying...I just read this to jord.....I am dying...crying laughing.....so funny.