Monday, December 7, 2009

out takes

The kids and I had a little photo session recently. It definitely tried my patience until I just gave in to their whims. It seemed that when one was cooperating the other was not-there was bribery with dried fruit, and eventually M-n-M's (not a good idea-too messy, too distracting, too much sugar). Eventually I gave up getting a decent picture with the two of them at the same time. Here are some fun ones to enjoy from our morning of photos.
Timothy has been a little cutie lately. He obsessively looks for the deer in the backyard. He has fun using tools and helping Papa. He loves pointing out any truck of unusual size or shape. And he loves to say "Monn" (interpretation: Come on), grab your hand and lead you to whatever he needs or wants to show you. He is a great helper in the kitchen-dishes (aka flinging bubbles across the kitchen), cooking (aka sampling). Lastly,he has mastered flirting-pretty adorable.
Charlotte has been doing good too. She loves hide and seek-and there are so many good places to hide in our new house. Her naps are pretty slim lately,and so she gets a bit cranky by late afternoon. She is beginning toy with talking back-should be interesting. Today,when I asked her to pick up the buttons she spilled on the floor,she said "Weeeelll, I could but I won't because my hands are broken" -excuse me, really??
She is however sleeping in much better. We set up a nightlight on a timer in her room so when it comes on she knows it is morning and she can get out of bed-pure genius (a friends idea,I take no credit). It gives her a lot more power and she sleeps better for it the entire night.
We also had a fun day on Sunday. She and I had a girls morning out and went to Art in the Afternoon. We had lots of fun and got some good Xmas presents,and were then inspired to come home and make some of our own today (look for a blog post on it soon). If anyone needs good holiday presents, you should check out some of Lander's local goods by Mountain Aven Baby (more than just baby stuff, like scrumptious, minkie scarves).

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