Thursday, February 18, 2010

three year old in the house

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLOTTE!!! She is 3 (or was on the 16th). We had a fun day and a fun week. MiMi and PawPaw have been here spoiling grandkids. Charlotte had so many presents to open it was a whirlwind. She has finally now had time to really sit and play with all of them,and it is nice to have some new toys around the house to occupy her time.

Charlotte at three is a creative and sometimes defiant little girl. She is extremely loving and cuddly, when she is in the mood. She has strong opinions about what she wants, color of clothing, cups, bowls (all pink), how her toast should be cut, what size utensil she should use, and how quickly someone should respond to her demands. Oh boy-we are working on manners and calm voices.

She is still into tigers and now sharks too, they are like her imaginary friends chasing her, being bad and needing to be scolded. She has gained quite a motherly instinct and loves to be the Mama. She often tells me that she lives in another house far, far away and that she is the Mama there. She has also developed more patience for sharing things with her brother. Which means we have had a little less sibling rivalry around here lately and more cooperative playing.

She loves art projects, playdough, and coloring on the windows. She draws people complete with eyes, mouth,arms,legs, and hair. She loves reading and would be content having someone read to her all day. She is inquisitive and I love watching her mind grow. I cannot wait to see how she grows over the next year.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl :)

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