Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Conversation at my house yesterday between Charlotte and Mama:

C: (sitting at the breakfast table) where are we going today?
M: We are going to story-time at the library and then to ALCO to get some things.
C: What are we getting at ALCO?
M: We need to get some more soap for the dishwasher.
C: Oh, for Papa’s dishwasher?
M: (smiling inside) yep, for Papa’s dishwasher.
C: Where is your dishwasher?
M: (now laughing inside) Papa is my dishwasher.
C: Huh?
M: Papa washes my dishes.
C: Oh, we need to get him some soap!

He he he he he he he he

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  1. you funny. hahahahah. i miss those cute kiddos. I can't wait to see them..and you all of course!!!!