Friday, February 5, 2010

i spy



What fun we have been having with the deer in our yard lately. We came home a couple days ago to find this doe staring right into our breakfast nook. She stayed for quite a while, staring back at the kids and then eating under the trees. The next night she brought back 5 of her friends while we were finishing up dinner. The kids had a blast and Timothy was not pleased unless everyone had there noses glued to the window. If we left the window, he would come get us insisting "'mon, 'mon, dee" (or c'mon, c'mon, deer). We even got to watch 2 bucks sparing, and a coupleof the deer bedded down in the snow and were still there when I went to bed that night.

I still haven't quite figured out who is on display, them or us?
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  1. WOW...that is just too cool. I would have been glued to the window with the kids. I love deer. There was a big buck that visited Blair and Phil's backyard a couple of times when I was out there in Nov.