Saturday, September 12, 2009


We had a wonderful ladybug experience. Mimi bought us a ladybug house and we ordered the larvae. They arrived in the mail and into the house they went. We watched them mill around and eat. A few days later they begun turning into pupa and hanging on the side of the house. There they hibernated for 5 days. On the morning of the 5th day, Charlotte and I eagerly awoke to see what was happening. To our amazement there were the ladybugs hatching from their pupa. We must have watched for 45 minutes as all 11 ladybugs were in different stages of hatching. It was fantastic, something we would have never seen otherwise.

They then lived in their house for a few days eating on raisins. We wanted to wait until CG arrived to release them into the garden. Finally their release one crisp, 60 degree morning into the garden. Charlotte was so gentle with them and they really rewarded us by staying close for a while.

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