Thursday, September 3, 2009

busy, busy


Charlotte loves being a little mommy. She keeps quite busy taking care of her baby, nursing it, rocking it, going to the store, talking on the phone, etc.. Her new stroller is a big hit. It was her prize on her sticker chart for going to sleep all week with no crying! I broke my rules and bought her a material prize, and the promise of it sure did motivate her all week. The promise of a hike, a picnic, or even ice cream as a prize this week has not motivated her quite as much. Couple that with the fact that she is now proficient at climbing out of her crib, and I think the result is going to be fewer naps. I am holding out for them as long as I can-stay tuned, I feel a big girl bed on the way in.

On another note, I have been taking a bit of a break from the blog/computer. Life has just been so busy, and I personally have been in transition figuring out how I shift between being a mother, working, time for myself, and time with my husband. ON top of that questioning what to do for work, and how much work, and what work, and how soon, and do I need to go back to school? Lots on my mind. Trying hard to take care of myself, let go and trust. Working on some big lessons.
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