Sunday, September 20, 2009

baby whityn





Baby Whityn came for a visit this weekend, he was escorted by his loving parents Jordy and Lauryn. We had an enjoyable, relaxing weekend. While Whityn slept all weekend, we took him to the park, on walks, and just hung out. It was great to have some hang out time as the last few weeks have been busy. It felt like a real treat. I even stayed up late, drank a beer, ate an ice cream and watched a movie! I also got some good snuggle time with the litte 6 week old cutie :) Charlotte and Timothy seemed to enjoy having a tiny baby around. Charlotte played mama to her own babies, and Timothy was okay with him as long as I wasn't holding him :) Thanks guys for making the trip over and camping out in the airstream.
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  1. love love love it....especially the pic of my toes. ha. we always have a blast with u guys.