Monday, January 10, 2011

pom poms

This weekend the kids and I made tissue pom poms from MS instructions on her site. They turned out great!! And were the perfect decor for the kids room, with their new curtains from Ikea.
The kids helped me lay out all the same colors together. MS suggests using 8 sheets of paper, but I found they looked much better with 12-16 sheets depending on the size of the ball.
Then we folded them accordion style.
We put a pipe cleaner (color of their choosing) in the middle, trimmed the ends (semi circle for a puff balls look,and triangle for a dahlias look) and started pulling them apart.
Here's Timmy hiding from the camera :)
Then the kids lost interest and went outside to shovel and sled with their Papa, while I continued puffing out pom poms.
Then the hanging (picture compliments of Charlotte).
Viola!!! Fun decor for the kids room. I couldn't believe how easy these were to make. I have been thinking of buying them on Etsy for a year, just because I did not want to deal with making them. I am so glad I made them instead!! They are pretty hearty as well, the kids really handled them before they got hung up, and they withstood it all.


  1. beautiful job...i love them. think I might do the same...thanks for the idea.

  2. You should!! I love them, and they were so easy. I just saw someone made them out of tulle too.