Sunday, October 31, 2010

she rides

She can do it! Charlotte has been riding her bike without training wheels for about 2 months now!! She had been practicing some on her balance bike (before it got stolen), and was doing pretty well. Then one day, her friend Willow came over with her mom, Stacy. Willow brought her balance bike and she and Charlotte rode like champs for 30 minutes. Charlotte learned a lot from Willow in that 30 minute window, she really focused on picking up her feet and balancing more.
When we got back to our house, Charlotte wanted to try her big girl bike. The girl was determined. Stacy worked with Charlotte for 30 minutes and I couldn't believe how persistent Charlotte was-falling and trying again-numerous times. I think it really helped that Stacy was with her and not me. That's all it took-she has been riding ever since. She rarely needs help even getting started these days. She goes so fast that she is waiting on Timmy and I all the time. Timothy is riding his big wheel and sometimes I push him very fast just to catch up to her.
She is very proud of herself, and really wanted to be able to show everyone her riding. I let her know I was going to put this post on the blog, and she said "no!" at first, but I explained that she may not see some of you for a while and that she could show all of you then.
Her new skill has made a fun new outing for us, and next summer I am sure she will be riding along with us-we will have to teach Timmy next (and find a new balance bike too).

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