Monday, October 4, 2010


It has been such an amazing Fall here. The weather has been mild for at least a month and the Aspens are now peaking. Timothy, Charlotte, Oma and I headed up to Sinks Canyon to meet the Schneider's for a beautiful afternoon walk, snack and, playtime. Charlotte fell asleep on the 10 minute drive and Oma was wonderful enough to stay with her while Timothy and I ventured out.
It looks as if we missed the whole month of September on the blog, so I have some updating to do. We have been super busy wrapping up summer, starting preschool, finishing house projects, selling a business, and starting a business.
Charlotte started preschool in September and goes to Child Development Services, CDS, 4 mornings a week (Charlotte cracks me up-she calls her school EFG instead of CDS). It took her a few weeks to get in the groove, but a field trip on the bus every week has given her something to look forward too. She and I have been reading a book about the butterfly life cycle, and we were out on a bike ride when all of a sudden she said excitedly "Mama, I see a butterfly hatching from a tuba!". She meant pupa of course, and I was cracking up. She is making such leaps emotionally, mentally, and physically lately. Look forward to a blog post soon where she will announce some of her new skills. For one she is an accomplished liar these days, sometimes she even fools me. She has more patience with her brother and they now play wonderfully together and get into much mischief together as well. At school she has been learning about Fall, working on her letters, and learning teamwork. She has gotten pretty goofy lately, and it is pretty funny to watch.
Timothy has been silly right along with her. He still follows along with whatever she does, but is starting to have directives of his own as well. He is full of words and sentences and is quite a good talker. He is still as particular as ever and knows just what he wants and is getting a bit better at letting us know what that is. Lately if he is talking, and you answer or join in his conversation, he will let you know that he was not speaking to you. He says "No, I was talking to ______." Sometimes in the mornings he will shower me with kisses and then say "Give me kisses, I like kisses." He melts my heart. He is such a boy, he greets anyone he is excited to see with a growl/yell, and it is fun to watch him get excited about things. We went camping this month in our "new" popup camper (we sold the airstream this month), and Timothy talked the whole week before about our upcoming adventure in his camper. I have really enjoyed the fact that he has spoken early and often, it gives me insight into him and his thoughts. I did not know that children his age were capable of so much.
Reid sold his frame shop!! And is on to dreaming of new ventures. I am very proud of him.
I am sure there is much I am forgetting, but hope to have more time this month for posts. Thanks for hanging in there :)
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  1. I love reading your BLOG ! You do such a wonderful job, what a delight for all of that you share with. Your loving mom, CG