Sunday, August 2, 2009


Timothy seems to be sprouting lately. He is so curious and full of the world around him. He is a little flirt -as long as he has the safety of a home base (a parent). He loves to tease anybody with anything he thinks you want.
He is loving books-of any kind.
If you ask him for a hug and he is in the mood he will run towards you, arms outstretched saying mmma, mmma, mmma for a big kiss too.
And he is becoming full of words and sounds, here is a short list of words: mama, papa, bird, more, dog, cat, up, hi, bye, boo. He can also tell you what the sounds that about 10 different animals make: tiger (hmm wonder where he learned that one), sheep, cow, horse, chicken, dog, cat-I am forgetting some. When we sing Old McDonald or Old McFarmer he sings along with ee-i-ee-i-oo.
Charlotte, Reid and I are having lots of fun with him :)
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