Monday, August 17, 2009


Both kids are having big language leaps. Charlotte is stringing more words together. She told me last night when Timothy hurt himself I didn't do anything. Timothy did it to himself. hmmmmmmm-suspect. I have also heard her say things like I'm playing games with my brother. She also still has a big imagination where tigers are present, she is sometimes a panda bear and the other day she told me she was painting a sea urchin. Pretty cool stuff.

Timothy is saying and signing a ton more too. He signs: water, eat, more, baby, fish, milk, papa, mama, grandpa, grandma, chicken, and many more. Some new one syllable words: eat, that, mine (must be a second kid thing), truck, neigh. He does have some two syllable words too: baby, backpack, grandpa. Also this morning he very clearly said to his sister that mine. We will see how many words stick around. Pretty fun.

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