Monday, June 29, 2009





I am feeling like myself again-well rested with most of my brain cells back. It seeems to require that I go to bed rather early (between 8-9) because Timothy gets up at 5:30. I actually like getting up that early as long as I am rested. I have discovered a great way to utilize my mornings with Timothy. Charlotte is now sleeping in until between 7-8 so Timothy and I have been spending mornings in the garden in our pajamas. I had resigned myself to letting the weeds grow because there just wasn't enough time in the day-but now I feel like I have discovered a couple more hours that just weren't there before (mostly because it took those couple hours sitting around in the morning to realize I wasn't going to get to go back to sleep).
It has been wonderful in the garden-50 degrees, quiet, almost meditaitve, and super productive. I am already thinking of other ways to utilize this time-walks with Timothy, a little sewing-we will see. Yea for me!!
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