Saturday, March 7, 2009

a week of outside fun





Oma came to stay with us and help out while papa was gone and we had a great time. The weather has been so nice that we have been able to get out and play everyday. Here are pictures of charlotte, isa and timothy at the park with oma. While oma was here i even started a knitting project!
right now timothy is really crawling, and standing up. he loves crawling after his papa-mostly to play with his shoelaces, he loves pulling everyones hair-ouch!, he loves banging on things, and unfortunately he is obsessed with the toilet. we are still struggling some with his sleep, but it is getting better. oma put him to bed 4 nights in a row, and he slept the best ever-come back oma ;)
charlotte is into painting and loves her art class, she is also into playdough, going to the pool, and playing dress-up.
i am dreaming of my garden, getting my house more organized, full nights of sleep, making a summer skirt, and the list goes on.....
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