Wednesday, June 1, 2011

finally a fish

We went fishing last weekend and Mama was the only one who caught a fish. The kids were so excited, and Charlotte even got to reel it in. Prior to this both kids were convinced that we just could not catch any fish. I have heard more than once out of Charlotte's mouth over that last year how come we never catch any fish? Reid was convinced to prove her otherwise, so finally we took them to a stocked pond right outside of Lander.

We were out there all morning trying to catch one. When we finally did catch this one, the kids were thoroughly entertained watching it flop around and examining all its parts.

We all decided to keep the fish and share it for lunch. When we got home, I cleaned it and fried it in the pan head and tail on. We sat down at the table with our smorgasbord of a lunch and Charlotte ate the entire fish!! The rest of us only got one small bite each. Admittedly it was not as good as the mountain trout I love so much, but that did not stop Charlotte. The first words out of her mouth when I laid it on the table were I want to try the tail. Okey Dokey-she ate a bite of it, but did not ask for seconds of the tail :)
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