Thursday, December 30, 2010

in the meantime

I know, I know, Christmas pictures right?? They are coming very soon. In the meantime, I have to share an adorable conversation that I had with Timothy last night. We had just finished reading books and were laying in my bed. When he said:

T: I'm not tired
M: Okay, let's talk for a while. Tell me about your day at Mrs. Donna's. Who did you play with?.....Did you play with Charlotte?
T: yea
M: Did you play with Mason?
T: yea
M: Did you play with Kieran?
T: no
M: Well, who else did you play with?
T: Avery, she's pretty.
M: oh, she's pretty.
T: Yea, but I cannot pick her up. Charlotte can pick her up.
M: Oh
T: I'm gonna cuddle wif (with) her.
M: I bet she is a good cuddler.
T: Yea, she's not scary.

Be still my heart. He is adorable, and so sweet and gentle. For all his tough boy side he has just the opposite soft, gentle side. I think he broke it down to the basics pretty well. I wonder if he will be thinking the same thing about girls 14 years from now?

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