Monday, June 28, 2010


We went up to Frye Lake, near Worthen Meadows for a fun morning of canoeing, fishing, picnicing, and getting mud between our toes. Whose toes are those??????

Charlotte is in love with fishing, she has her own pink fishing rod and is now a master at trolling (letting her line hang in the water while Mama and Papa paddle) in the back with her Papa. She trolled for 30 minutes--some serious 3 yr old patience. Every once in a while she would ask is there a fish on there yet? And at the end of the day why didn't we catch one?

Timothy had fun too and was only interested in fishing because that's what his sister was doing. He was the happiest sitting between my legs right up in the bow of the boat-the best view in the house.

Perhaps next time I will be daring enough to fish the camera out of my bag (silly pun intented) while paddling a canoe with 2 toddlers. But this time, just getting them to sit on their bottom and not rock the boat while paddling was enough for this trip.

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  1. i laughed about the camera! it took several trips in the boat this weekend before i was brave enough to do the same. even so, i almost strangled myself with it as i was trying to take pictures, wrangle sylvi, paddle occasionally, and not tip us all over!

  2. ha ha-yes I was envisioning a similar scenerio :)