Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day weekend

We had fun Mother's Day weekend. Our friends Lauryn, Jordy, and Baby Whit came over to visit from Victor, Idaho. It was Lauryn's first Mother's Day. It was fun to celebrate with another mom. You can see their account of the weekend here.
Charlotte remembered as soon as she woke up Sunday morning that it was a special day, and she wished me a "Happy Mama's Day". The mom's were served a delicious breakfast of waffles, strawberries, link sausage, and orange juice.
Over the weekend, Charlotte went fishing with real worms, that she loved holding and once again this year tried to eat :) She bit the worm twice and then decided against eating it.
We also had some fun with the camera, Timothy and I took pictures of ourselves cuddling. He insisted that after he lay on me for pictures, that I lay on him for pictures. He also pointed out the boogers in my nose-fuuuunnny!! He is talking so much. In the bathtub, Charlotte asked Timothy if he could say "Happy Mother's Day" and he did!!!!
Kuddos to all the Mother's out there-it is one hard job!!!!!

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