Saturday, April 10, 2010

our eggs





Well, here is our final product. Some beautiful Easter Eggs if I do say so. I decided with help from a wise friend to wait until the kids could appreciate that we are coloring eggs with food ---- so maybe next year. This year for sanity, I used brown eggs and regular-old store bought dye. We got some beautiful colors that way.

I had visions of egg salad sandwiches-however the kids had other ideas. As you can see they were eager to eat their colored eggs, and they each polished off 3-5 a day. It only took a couple days and the eggs were gone-not enough time for me to make my egg salad.

Charlotte kept asking "Why are we going to die eggs? Why would we do that to them?" So,we had to be careful to say that we were coloring eggs. She is beginning to learn more about death, but I don't think she yet realizes that it is an irreversible change (at least for the physical body).

Timothy is full of words! It is amazing. He can count to three and he knows a couple colors well. He certainly is developing into a little boy. I admit I still want him to be a baby-I love our cuddle time together before he goes to bed. I don't ever want that to end. He and Charlotte are playing together so well lately-it has been fun to watch.

If any of you out there dyed eggs with natural dyes, I would love to hear how it went.
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